Themes for my paintings stem from inspirations in life, the human form and the man-made world, along with personal feelings about life and death. Dissolving fragmentation & visual distortion of subjects serve as a metaphor for issues of personal identity and my exuberant palette of colours become a metaphor for life. Breath, growth and development symbolize energy – motion – nothing remains static – human life is a trajectory of the soul and the spirit, the ghost that moves and stirs within each life form.

Recent Works

Travels, nature and humanity

15 Pictures

Portraits + Figurative

The human figure is perpetually in motion, whether dancing, swimming or just walking

17 Pictures


For me the landscape is full of rich patterns, light and colour

40 Pictures

Carnevale & Carousels

Inspired by travels to Venice and childhood memories and fairground experiences

33 Pictures

Other Works


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Series of water inspired paintings

10 Pictures

Selection of Available Works

A selection of works available

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IN BLOOM ~ 2016 Exhibition

Works for the June 2016 Exhibition at Day Fine Art in Blackheath

17 Pictures


Exhibition of new works at Day Fine Art in Blackheath 2017

15 Pictures


View paintings in a virtual Living Room situation

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All works are painted on board (unless otherwise specified). Boards are professionally constructed and have a solid frame on all four sides – then the timber board top is attached. Timber is then sealed and gessoed (just like a canvas is treated) followed by an undercoat before the painting has been commenced. As the painting is extended to ‘wrap-around’ the frame, there is no need to add any other framing to the painting. All works are first painted in an acrylic layer followed by an oil paint layer then finished off with varnish.

For all enquiries please email or call mobile 0425 224 890